About Michael J. Serduck

Michael J. Serduck

Admitted to practice in December, 1981, Michael J. Serduck, attorney at law, has represented clients in hundreds of trials, in all areas of domestic relations, probate, civil and criminal. He currently has 44 cases listed on the Massachusetts Appeals Court website. He has also represented seven appeals to the District Court Appellate Division.

Attorney Serduck specializes in domestic relations in Franklin County and Hampshire County in Western Massachusetts, such as divorce, custody, child support, visitation (or parenting time), paternity, modification and contempts.


Attorney Serduck was very helpful to me in my parenting time case. This was a very difficult case that was going to trial and I was in over my head. My ex was filing motion after motion and I found and hired Attorney Serduck. He went through my court files and decided on a plan, he took care of everything for me, updated me frequently, returned my calls promptly, and made the whole process easier for me. He took a huge weight off my shoulders and I knew my case was on good hands. His knowledge of the law was impeccable and he handled himself professionally in all court proceedings. At trial is where you really get to see him work, hIs attention to detail and handling of himself, and making me deal at ease. In the end I won my case at trial and even got more than we were asking for. I would highly recommend Attorney Serduck to anyone.

- Christy

Attorney Serduck was very helpful to me during my recent divorce. He knows the law and is very thorough. Going through a divorce is a very emotional, harrowing experience. Attorney Serduck's attention to detail with all of the legal work associated with my divorce was impeccable. I was able to move forward and make decisions in my best interest knowing that my lawyer was on top of everything he needed to be for the best outcome possible. Attorney Serduck told me that he would help me get through this distressing experience with the least amount of emotional and financial pain and that is exactly what he did. I highly recommend Attorney Serduck.

- Marjorie

Attorney Serduck was very thorough and on top of the issues regarding my case. We was available, personable, and was clearly an expert in the field of my case. I would recommend Attorney Serduck to anyone who asked.

- Michael

I wanted to express my gratitude for your effort yesterday and for taking my case. I realize that it couldn't have been easy for you coming in on such a complex situation. I appreciate your honesty and generosity. You are a good man. Stay well.


Attorney Michael Serduck represented me during my divorce trial. He did a great job representing me and understanding my situation. My trial lasted for one day and resulted in a positive outcome. Attorney Serduck was knowledgeable about the law and made references to past cases which set precedent relating to my case. I would recommend him as an attorney.

- Julie